It all started when..

Radio host and media personality Matt Tilley had an inspired thought - that if on one day, everyone in Victoria donated just one dollar, we could raise over 6 million dollars for those in need. In one hit. On one day.

On November 24th we all have to go to the polling booth, so we could all just “drop a dollar” in a bucket on that day.

And then if we do it in the Federal election next year…that could turn into 25 million dollars.

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Our Mission


We need you!

Imagine if every Victorian donated just ONE dollar on ONE day... on election day!

What better day to bring change to the homeless and have a real collective impact?

We are looking for volunteers to help us collect one dollar coins at polling stations throughout Melbourne on Saturday November 24th .

Hit volunteer below and sign up to be part of the Aussie Dollar Drop from the very beginning!


Why do it?

The homeless don’t need any new soup kitchens. Or another charity. But they do need our support for the great work already being done by so many in the sector. The Aussie Dollar Drop aims to fund projects and partner organisations at the coalface. They know the sector, and have already developed numerous programs and services to target needs - but they desperately need money to deliver them. Every dollar we allocate will go to directly to fund these programs and services, not overheads.